Friday, November 26, 2010

Multiplicity photography in cricket

Multiplicity photography in cricket

I got this idea after I saw "ultra slow motion" replays on TV. But then I had no clue on how to execute and get the desired results. After
searching and and going through photostreams of few "Multiplicity photography" experts I decided to work on these kind of images and here
I am with my share of work :D

Basic Idea is to show the flow of the bat of batsmen and the run up of the bowler.

Bala batting action

Jays defense action

_MG_7182 copy

Anil's batting action

Ganesh run up

Hemanth Run up

Kiran run up

Vinod run up


Biraj said...

This is so interesting..

DiSnapper said...

Thanks Biraj.

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