Friday, November 26, 2010

Multiplicity photography in cricket

Multiplicity photography in cricket

I got this idea after I saw "ultra slow motion" replays on TV. But then I had no clue on how to execute and get the desired results. After
searching and and going through photostreams of few "Multiplicity photography" experts I decided to work on these kind of images and here
I am with my share of work :D

Basic Idea is to show the flow of the bat of batsmen and the run up of the bowler.

Bala batting action

Jays defense action

_MG_7182 copy

Anil's batting action

Ganesh run up

Hemanth Run up

Kiran run up

Vinod run up

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cricket Photography

Clicked these when I was at Hyderabad.







Monday, July 26, 2010

Slowly but steadily Hyderabad is trying to make its mark as one of the go to place for Automobile entusiasts in India.

Couple of clubs and groups here are trying their best to have Motosports and Auto shows since couple of years.

Images from first Drag Race conducted by APMSC(Andhra Pradesh Motor Sport Club) at Shamshabad in Jan 2009.

My first ever Ferrari to click and spot. Just presence of this beast pumps up your heart beat. Ferrari F450


Ferrari F450 in action


Porsche Cayman S in action

IMG_3289 Edited

Video of bikers in action

Will be posting images and videos from other events soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sport Photography

All these days I have been strugging to decide on which gener of photography I should take on or work on. I was trying my hand at all kind of sujects right from reverse lens macros to Astro Photography.

I was the only phtographer for my collegues who used to play cricket once in while on weekends. I managed to get some interesting photographs for them. But then being in India and I felt cricket photography is just an another thing as every day you get to view atleast 5 to 6 fabulous cricketing photographs either on web or e-mails or newspapers. I never realised that this can be a gener on itseld :P

Then one fine day I came across a post on "
Team-BHP" which was related to a Drag Race held at Hyderabad(Deccan quarter mile drag) by APMSC. It was first of its kind even for me and then decided to attend and capture the event through my first D-SLR Canon 400D.

Being a auto enthusiast I enjoyed watching the race and had good time learning few new tricks like panning. This race was part of APMSC's stratergy to promote the motor sport in Hyderabad which was almost not present since 1980s. APMSC continued conducting drag races every quarter after that. I ended up at these events with my camera and I realised that I was improving with ever race. Then someone advised me that sports photography is good gener to work and I decided to give it a try.

I am going to use this blog to show you my work as a sports photographer(as on now I have only had chance to work on Cricket and Motor Sport)