Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Navratri - Coloful and funfilled festival

Navratri is an Indian festival which is celebrated across India for 9 days that precede Dussehra. However the way its celebrated in Gujarat/Gujaratis is completely different than rest of India. Gujaratis celebrate this festival by dancing in form of Garba. Garba is a Gujarati traditional dance performed by Men and Woman in an open space like play grounds. This dance requires the dancers to be in traditional outfit. Following is the time-lapse that I have created that gives an idea, and following it are few images that I have captured to show how colorful and visually pleasing Garba is.

Most of the times live music is used for Garba, the band typicaly plays the traditional Gujrati Garba songs. They decide/set up the pace.

_MG_9791 DS Small

IMG_5662 DS Smal

IMG_5671 DS Smal

IMG_5670 DS Smal

IMG_5714 DS Smal

IMG_5747 DS Smal

_MG_9803 DS Small

_MG_9860 DS Small

_MG_9938 DS Small

_MG_9997 DS Small

IMG_5906 DS Smal

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