Friday, December 6, 2013

Velavadar - Black Buck Sanctury - Little place with huge surprises

Located 170 kms from Vadodara, Velavadar is one of the preserved Grass land. It is a Black Buck national Park.

Regarding its richness I will let my photographs talk:

The Golden Grassland: _MG_7605 DS Small

Its one of very few places in India where Black Buck are found:

_MG_7595 DS Small

1. A Black Buck male alert and watching out of danger

A Black Buck male in its Habitat

2. A Black Buck Male roaming around

_MG_8616 DS Small

3. A Black Buck male lost in grazing

_MG_8642 DS Small

4. A Black Buck Female Calf jumping around

_MG_8633 DS Small
5. Young Black Buck males about to lock horns

_MG_8586 DS Small

6. Few young Black bucks crossing the path

_MG_8894 DS Small

Another resident of Velavadar is Blue Bull also known as Neil Gai in Hindi

6. A young female Blue bull munching

_MG_8568 DS Small

7. Young Male Blue Bulls on watch
_MG_8172 DS Small

8. Curious Blue Bull male
  _MG_7954 DS Small

Wide range of birds are found in Velavadar

1. Crested Lark
Crested Lark
2. Rufus Tailed Lark
_MG_8744 DS Small
3. Lark
_MG_8693 DS Small
4. Terek Sandpiper
_MG_8506 DS Small
5. Reef Heron
_MG_8513 DS Small
6. Eurasian Curlew
_MG_9098 DS Small
7. Gull Billed Tern
_MG_8841 DS Small
8. Darter/Snake Bird
_MG_8797 DS Small
9. Grey Francoline
_MG_7722 DS Small
10. Eurasian Roller
_MG_7823 DS Small
11. Stone Chat
_MG_7804 DS Small
12. Ringed Plower
Ringed Plover
13. Wood Sandpiper
_MG_8269 DS Small
14. White Stork
White Stork

15. Great Spotted Eagle

_MG_7480 DS Small

_MG_7494 DS Small

16. Montagu's Harrier: These birds stop by in Velavadar for Roosting. Number of visitors can range from 500 to 3000 per season.
_MG_7533 DS Small
Female in flight
_MG_8070 DS Small
Male in flight
_MG_8149 DS Small

17. Short Toed Snake Eagle:
Juvenile on perch Short Toed Snake Eagle
In flight
_MG_8724 DS Small

18. Common Kestrel:
_MG_8850 DS Small

19. A Red Necked Falcon

_MG_8545 DS Small


Sumeet said...

Common Kestrel shot was very nice.

NaveenKumar Reddy said...

Thank you Sumeet!