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Road trip to Srisailam from Hyderabad (2008)

Its been a while since I wanted to start my travel log. I am going to start with one of my initial trips.

Been to Srisailam on 20th September 2008. It was quite adventrous trip. Started off at 2pm by the time we reached city out skirts it was 3:30. Stopped by and had chai and then were back on road by 3:45pm. Road was pretty neat with greenery on both sides and almost negligible traffic. There this particular spot with was pretty good with trees forming an arch. 
We came acorss a small resorvoir on the way and stoped by to shoot :D
A lill "Ru Ba Roo" gang of our own :P
We missed a turn and had to take a pretty bad road and on this road I managed to hit a rock and damage my car's front wheel. It was 6:00Pm. We managed to change the wheel before it twilight was gone and started off again. The road lead to a ghat road of Nallamala forest. Its know that this forest is center of naxal activities in Andhra Pradesh. But I had great time driving the car at night in the ghat. It was thrilling, you just dont know whats around the corner and no traffic to bother about, and then keeping the eyes open hoping to spot a deer or fox or a Tiger :p. Road was in good condition which was a plus and helped me to cruise at 80kph. After the ghat section we had to stop at the checkp post.Thing about this check post is that they wont allow any vehicles after 9. We reached there by 7:00pm. Signed the register at the check post and continued our journey. All of us kept our eyes wide open on road expeciing few wild animals. None of us were disappointed as we got to see few mungoose and rabbits yeha dogs too. By the time we reached Srisailam dam it was 8:15Pm. I never saw anything like this before . Next moment I parked the car I was running to fetch my tripod and here is what I got with 30 sec exposure shot.

After spending some time and admiring the beauty of the daw, we started off and reached Srisailam by 9:00pm. Had dinner and then signed off for the day. Had pleasent sleep and wokeup at 8 and visited the temple by 9:00Am and startedour way back. To enjoy this awesome view. It was just crazy I was goin bonkers hopppin here and there to click. I was just to not satisfied no matter how many pictures I clicked. Felt like clicking again and again.
Advantage of having a 500mm lens:
Video toothanks to Praneeth who shot this:
Pheww. I simply love the shot below.I stoped the car and shot this hanging out of the front door window :p IMG_1169
 Then stopped on the bridge that crosses the river. It has got pretty good views:
IMG_1173 IMG_1178
Had quite some activity too
Cudnt resist and create a HDR :P
Srisailam bridge view22092008
After crossing the bridge I stopped again to click this: IMG_1218
Blast of water:
Water curtains:
We hit the road again, didnot stop till a place called MallelaTheertham. They said there was a lill waterfalls some 8kms away from the mairoad. So we took the turn and headed towards the waterfalls. It was dirt road whole 8 kms
After reaching the place,parked the car and we had to climb down 200 steps: IMG_1284
and we were here:
HDR version:
Mallela theertham HDR2
Point to be noted, there was a sign board which states "Swiming and bathing prohibited" Video shot by me:
Won't believe me guys I almost lost my camera gear phone at this place. i was crossing the stream and sliped but some how managed to keep my camera bag outof water:P. Had a cut in ankle and my leg was shivering like crazy. Went thru hell as I climbed those 200 steps :( One we started off we continued journey for about say an hour or before we stopped to experience the "Tiger Safari" and what we find in the so called forrest:
Near by villagers collecting leaves and firewood LOL and they call it a danger zone and tiger safari. Good part is we managed to spor a wild sheep, wild dog and whild hog. They didn't bother to wait for a shoot:p There was view point at the end of the safari road which was worth watching:
isn't that view worth 100 bucks?
Back on road and stoped by at a dhabha to have lunch n it was 5:30Pm. Spent some time shooting while table was gettin ready:
Srisailam way back sunset HDR
After lunch at 6:22Pm. Last shot of the trip
By the time we reached Hyd it was 9:00Pm.

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