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Vadhvana/Wadhwana/Wadhvana Eco camp/Wet Lands/Bird Sanctury - The mini Birds paradise

Vadhvana/Wadhavana is a small lake situated 50 kms form Vadodara. 150 kms from Ahmedabad. This is used as a small reservoir for agricultural in surrounding villages.

Its very well connected with motor able road. So one can drive there in vehicles. Following is the rough sketch of the directions to Vadhvana.

One can take State transport buses till near by Dabhoi town and take auto rickshaw from there to Vadhvana or take cool Narrow Gauge train till Vadhvana/Wadhvana village and hire an auto to the lake.

3rd alternative is to take train from Vadodara (Anand to Chota Udaipur) starts from Vadodara at 6:50Am and reaches Vadhvana by 8:00Am. From railways station its a kms walk or you can take an auto. For returning you can again take Train to Vadodara scheduled  12:45 and 18:00

Best season to visit this place is Nov starting  to Jan end. Nov is the time when migratory birds will start flying in. As many as 34 types of Migratory birds can be spotted over here. Right from Flamingos to Eurasian Wrynecks. Following are few of the birds that I managed to click at Vadhvana.

How Vadhvana looks in summers

_MG_2299-_MG_2318 edited DS SMall

To start off with, a common sight at Vadhvana during migratory seasons.

_MG_9246 DS Small

Sparrow lark


Syberian Stone Chat Female


Black Winged Stilts and Lesser egret


Brahminy Ducks or Rudy Shell Ducks in flight


Marsh Harrier in flight

_MG_0606 DS Small
Black Headed Gull adult nonbreeding in flight




Common Coot


Cotton Pygmy Geese
_MG_1108 DS Small
_MG_9202_filtered ds small
Take off of Brahminy Ducks or Rudy Shell Ducks

IMG_2039 DS Small

Flight of Glossy Ibis

IMG_2033 DS Small

Northern Shoveler in flight

IMG_2063 DS Small

_MG_0515_filtered DS Small
Couple of Pied Kingfishers

IMG_2053 DS Small

White throated kingfisher


Eurasian Wryneck

IMG_2351 DS Small

Couple of Stilts

Couple of Stilts at Vadhawana wet lands located 50kms from Vadodara

Pond Heron

IMG_2492 DS Small

Purple Heron in flight

_MG_9265 DS Small
Eurasian Wegion

IMG_2482 DS Small

Olive Sunbird

IMG_2466 DS Small

Osprey In flight
IMG_2589 DS Small

On perch warning a crow
_MG_9317 DS Small
Paddy field Pippit

IMG_2561 DS Small

River Tren's slipped catch

IMG_2537 DS Small

Northern Shoveler (Male) and Comb ducks Basking in Sun

IMG_2623 DS Small

Northern Shoveler (Male and Female)

IMG_2622 DS Small

Greater Egret waiting for prey

IMG_2605 DS Small

Odd man out a mammal

IMG_2740 DS Small

Red Headed Bunting (Female)

IMG_0010 DS Small

Green Footed Green pigeon

IMG_0074 DS Small

_MG_1454 DS Small

White Browed Bulbul

IMG_0040 DS Small

Couple of Brahminy Starling

IMG_0020 DS Small

Asian Koel (Male)

IMG_0091 DS SMall

Common Wagtail

IMG_0242 DS Small

This Osprey is always there to welcome you at Vadhvana. This was only time when I saw so much of water at Vadhvana

IMG_0175 DS Smal

Copper Smit Barbet

IMG_0147 DS Small

Asian Koel (Female)

IMG_0130 DS Small

Indian Robin (Male)

IMG_0126 DS SMall

White Throated Kingfisher

IMG_0103 DS Small

Red Headed Bunting (Male)

IMG_9954 DS Small

Common Sparrow (Male)

IMG_9930 DS Small

Common Sparrow (Female)

IMG_9928 DS Small

Indian Open Bill

IMG_9924 DS Small

Shikra feasting on a skink

_MG_1061 DS Small

Ringed Plover

_MG_1546 DS Small

Painted Snipe

_MG_1089 DS Small

Comb Duck in flight

_MG_1132 DS Small

Eurasian Spoonbill

_MG_1139 DS Small

During summer almost whole lake dries up. This was in june we had to walk down to middle of the lake to spot birds.

Painted Stork, Glossy Ibis, Lesser Egret, Eurasian Spoon bill

_MG_1200 DS Small

Grey heron, Spoon bills

_MG_1196 DS Small

Painted Storks

_MG_1189 DS Small

Pied Kingfisher

_MG_1159 DS Small

White/Black headed ibis

_MG_1152 DS Small


_MG_1295 DS Small

Grey Heron in flight

_MG_1221 DS Small

Juv Greater Flamingo

_MG_1398 DS Small

_MG_1359 DS Small

Booted Warbler

Booted Warbler

Couple of Gereb

_MG_9188 DS Small

White Wagtail

_MG_8597 DS Small

Yellow Wagtail

_MG_8543 DS Small

Orphean warbler

_MG_0650 DS Small

Pheasant-tailed Jacana

_MG_9298 DS Small

Red naped Ibis

_MG_8614 DS Small


_MG_8165 DS small

_MG_8215 DS Small

Wire Tailed Swallows

_MG_8272 DS Small

Purple Moorhen

_MG_8145 DS Small

Yellow crowned Woodpecker

_MG_0517 DS Small

Shikra/Sparrow Hawk

_MG_8136 DS Small

Bronze winged Jacana immature

_MG_0779 DS Small

Bronze winged Jacana mature

_MG_0762 DS Small

Small Minivet

_MG_0613 DS Small

Commmon Pochard (Female)

_MG_8331 DS Small

Long Tailed Shrike

_MG_0828 DS Small

Grey Lag Goose

_MG_1068 DS Small

River Tren

_MG_1007 DS SmallA

A couple of Black Necked Storks

_MG_1003 DS Small

_MG_9846 DS Small

_MG_1123 DS Small

Cormorant taking off

_MG_1018 DS Small

Ringged Parakeet

_MG_1312 DS Small

Common Blue Kingfisher

_MG_1354 DS Small

Blue tailed Bee Eater

_MG_1577 DS Small

Black Drongo

Black Drongo

Golden Oriole


Common Hawk-Cuckoo

Common Teal

IMG_1950 DS Small

Honey eyed Buzzard

_MG_1053 DS Small

Need to ID the following birds:

Red headed bunting (female) or some other bird

_MG_0706 DS Small
A pair of Little Gerbe
_MG_1200 DS Small
_MG_1167 DS Small
_MG_1165 DS Small
_MG_0857 DS Small

Sandpiper (Need ID confirmation)

_MG_9339 DS Small

_MG_8871 DS Small

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