Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Aliens of this world

Been a while since my home made lens reversal adapter broke. Fixed it last Friday and went out to shooting. Following are few images from the shoot
A Garden Snail _MG_9998 DS Small A tiny rain drop stuck on grass blade _MG_9969 DS Small Wing details of a Crimson tip _MG_9960 DS Small Another angle of Crimson Tip _MG_9939 DS Small A fly _MG_9902 DS Small A mosquito of different kind _MG_9849 DS Small A spider doing Yoga _MG_0037 DS Small A little shiney bug with Bling _MG_9804 DS Small A wasp on top _MG_9796 DS Small Do I look like a frog? _MG_9771 DS Small A grasshopper with colorful collar _MG_9751 DS Small A fly with designer eyes _MG_9743 DS Small Honey sucker - Crimson tip _MG_9610 DS Small

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