Thursday, July 25, 2013

Toranmal - A less known hillstation in Maharashtra

We found out this place for first time while I was searching for new places on Google Maps. It was back in 2011, we planned a visit back then and could not pay a visit due different reasons.
This June along with few colleagues planned to visit Toranmal.
Its a lovely drive specially the Ghat section

After crossing the Rajpipla town _MG_7889 DS Small

 HDR of sunrise _MG_7865 DS Small

View from the Govt Guest House _MG_8384 Panorama DS Small

View from the sunset point _MG_8022 Panorama DS Small

At Sita Khaai _MG_8382 DS Small After crossing


Anonymous said...

Hey, how long does it take to travel from here to toranmahal? Any recommendation for a place to stay?

NaveenKumar Reddy said...
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NaveenKumar Reddy said...


Its around 6 hrs from here. Tough its just 300 odd kms from Vadodara, route includes Ghat road of around 40 odd kms. To add to that one cannot avoid stopping on the way to take photographs of the landscapes.

There is only one place to stay that's a gov hotel. Its not very nice to stay but manageable.


Pratiksha Jadhav said...

An important topic-I'm so happy to see it addressed.Toranmal is less known hill station in Maharashtra. There are few
hotels in toranmal
including luxury, budget hotels & resorts.