Monday, August 26, 2013

In Love with Xperia ION

Since the firmware update in July the camera of my Xperia ION has reached a totaly different level. I was facing issues with focusing in "Document" mode which I use to take closeup shots of small objects like insects or tabletop things.

Following are the few images that I have captured using the same phone, all of these images are unedited.

Images taken post firmware update:

1. R8 Wireless mouse
Wireless mouse that I use with laptop

2. Tea cups at roadside tea stall DSC_0031

3. A partial McD burger DSC_0004

4. Fries mixed with McD Piri Piri DSC_0003 Post firmware upgrade

 1. A spider with bling

2. A Red Dragonfly DSC_0480

3. Unknown plant and its flowers DSC_0458

4. Closeup of a White Rose DSC_0448

5. Flying Bee DSC_0444

6. Perfect bokeh DSC_0440

7. A Teak leaf DSC_0438

8. Perfect Panorama of Pavagadh taken from Pavagarh By-Pass DSC_0437

9. A colorful Beetle DSC_0431

10. Commonly found wild flower DSC_0427

11. Holding onto rainwater unknown blue flower DSC_0419

12. Rainwater on grass blade

13. Clay artwork DSC_0406

14. Another example of bokeh achieved with Xperia ION DSC_0403

15. Field of Grass flowers DSC_0392

16. Dried up piece of log, it give me great depth very shallow DSC_0382

17. Spider friendly DSC_0347

18. A Wild fly DSC_0328

19. Another wildflower DSC_0324

20. A lovely flower in my office lawn DSC_0122

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