Monday, September 8, 2014

A visit to Gir/Girnar - the home of Asiatic Lions

Another very important and must visit place of Gujarat. In fact this is the only place where one gets to view wild Asiatic Lions.

Gujarat state government has take great and care of these beasts and brought them back from extinction. There were just 180 left in 1984 and today there are 411+.

I was planning to visit since 2012 and managed to implement the plan this year in May along with a great photographer friend.

Following are the images from the tip:

Standing tall: The Lion King

_MG_9852 DSS

King trying to get hold of a fly

_MG_9910-1 dss

Taking a dirt bath

_MG_0080 dss

Bruised but not broken


Afternoon siesta by lake side


You guys gotta leave me alone


Other than Lion

A type of owl


Master of camouflage: Savana nightjar


Mooted owl


Thick knee: Locals say that these bird drik water only once in a year


Gorgeous national bird


Sleepy eyes: Spotted owlet


A honey eye buzzard


Jungle crow


A Monitor Lizard


A cattle herder trying to cool off his buffaloes



United-21 Vanvaso resort in Gir said...

Nice Click sir "Hats Off". Thanks to share with us. It's really mesmerizing.

NaveenKumar Reddy said...

Thank you United-21, will get in touch before I plan my next trip. said...

A absolute well-written post. I apprehend and admired the cavalcade and acquire aswell bookmarked you. All the best for approaching endeavors

NaveenKumar Reddy said...

Thannk you Ivanica