Friday, September 5, 2014

A visit to Bharatpur/Keoladeo Bird Sanctury, Rajasthan

This trip was part of my first trip of 2014. We covered 3 birding spots in Rajasthan and Bharatpur was first location.

We reached Bharatpur by train, left our luggage at clock room of railway station and left for Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Sanctuary is located around 5kms from Railway station. We took an Auto-Rickshaw (Rs90) to reach Bird Sanctuary.

Sanctuary can be explored on foot or by bicycle. The sanctuary administation provides the option of hiring a bicycle or cycle Rickshaw. We hired bicycles(Rs 50 for 6 hours) and a Guide(Rs500 for 6 hours). In the beginning we didnt want to hire a guide, however they convinced us by promising to help us spotting Owls and NightJars. So if you are visiting don't believe any claims of Guide.

Sanctuary is pretty big and takes more than one day(Dawn to Dusk) to cover the sanctuary.

Following are the images that I have captured at the Sanctuary:

Pair of Yellow footed green pigeon.

_MG_4293 DS Small

Most commonly found being at this sanctuary


A Warbler

_MG_4365-1 DS Small

A monitor lizard basking in sun 

_MG_4386 DS Small a

A Northern Showler male in flight 

_MG_4393 DS Small

A Common Teal male in flight 

Teal male in flight

A Rosy Pelican in flight 

Rosy Pelican in flight

A blue Bull male grazing away 

_MG_4506 DS Small

A Cormorant in flight 

_MG_4513 ds small

A Common Teal female in flight 

_MG_4536-1 DS Small 

Pair of Spot billed duck 

Spot billed ducks

A RedStart male 

Redstart male


Reed Warbler

Little Cormorant in flight 

Greater Cormarant in flight


Darter/Snake Bird

Sleepy Night Heron
   Night Heron

Standing pretty, a Blue Throat 

_MG_4779-1 DS Small

Upclose and personal with a Monitor lizard 

_MG_4379-1 DS Small

Juvenile Rock Phython basking in the sun
   _MG_4571 DS Small

Checking out the scent 

_MG_4591-1 DS Small 

Cautious Indian Jackal 

_MG_4956 DS Small

A female Redstart 

_MG_4786 DS Small

Coot stampede
   _MG_4797-2 DS Small

Ferruginous Duck male and female 

Ferruginous duck male and female

Painted Stork in flight 

Painted Stork

A Whistling Duck closeup 

_MG_4755-2 DS Small

Coot Portrait 

_MG_4757-1 ds small

A Whistling duck in flight 

_MG_4761-1 DS Small


Indiam Moor hen

Lake full of Pintails flying away from Marsh Harrier 

_MG_4832-1DS Small

Little Gerbe 

_MG_4918-1 DS Small

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