Friday, November 4, 2016

A Visit to Nagpur - Ambazari and Bore Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagpur is where I completed majority of schooling and Bachelors. Since I did not visit Nagpur since 2012 and decided to take a detour to Nagpur on my way to Hyderabad from Vadodara. It was 1st Jan 2015 when I started from Vadodara on my RE 500 Classic.


Stopped at Jalgaon (another town where I spend 2 years as a kid) for night break. Started back to Nagpur on 2nd Jan morning at 9AM and reached Nagpur by 6PM.

I spent couple of days in Nagpur for catching up with feathered residents of Nagpur and around.

Ambazari: Big Lake which is in the center of the city and a fav place for morning walkers and joggers. This was was a live with lot of bird activity. Following is the list of birds I managed to capture with my gear.

A Golden Oriole Female

IMG_2745 dss
Need ID for the bird below

IMG_2775 dss

Sulfur bellied Warbler

IMG_2854 dss

Brown throat-ed fly catcher

IMG_2824-1 dss

Need ID for the below warbler

IMG_2818 dss

IMG_2762 dss

Red naped Woodpeckr

IMG_2730 dss

Ashy Prinia

IMG_2688 dss

Bore Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 50 kms away from Nagpur, Bor came in limeight after the news of a Tigress with 4 cubs. So I tried my luck if I could spot and picture the new family in the sanctuary

Under watchful eye of Mother
  IMG_2568 dss

Need ID for the following

IMG_2530 dss

Indian Roller

IMG_2538 dss

Woolly Necked stork

IMG_2573 dss

Crested Serpent Eagle

IMG_2574 dss

Honey eyed buzzard

IMG_2584 dss

Wild Bore

IMG_2607 dss

Pied Bush Chat
IMG_2517-2 dss

Random shots.

IMG_2613 dss

Wild berry

IMG_2616 dss

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