Thursday, July 9, 2015

First Visit to Ameenpur Lake

All the time when I was in Hyderabad I never heard of this lake. in 2012 couple of my photographer friends posted some amazing photographs with tags of Ameenpur lake. On probing and Googling came to about the richness of this place. On one of my visit to Hyderabad in 2014 I visited Ameenpur lake.

Following are few images from my first visit to Ameenpur lake.

Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
  IMG_9435 dss

Brahminy Kite
  IMG_9609 dss

Brown Rockchat
  IMG_9672 dss

Grey Heron in flight with catch
  IMG_9601 dss

Kentish Plover
  IMG_9548 dss

Little Ringed Plover in flight
  IMG_9509 dss

Pied Kingfisher
   IMG_9452 dss

Pied Kingfisher and Swallows in the background
  IMG_9445 dss

Red Avadavat
  IMG_9666 dss

River Tern
  IMG_9503 dss

River Tern female
  IMG_9501-1 dss

Wood Sandpiper
  IMG_9467 dss

Zitting Cisticola
  IMG_9413 dss

Need ID (type of Pipit)
  IMG_9626 dss

  IMG_9424 dss

Blister Beetle
  IMG_9409 dss

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