Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Birding around my home - Hyderabad

Following are the birds that I have spotted near my home at Sagar Road, Hyderabad.

Ashy Prinia


Ashy Wood Swallow

Ashy Wood Swallow

Asian Koyal Male

IMG_3249 dss

Bay Backed Shrike

Bay Backed Shrike

Black Kite


Black Shouldered/Winged Kite


Blue Faced Malkoha

IMG_8195-1 dss

Brahminy Starling


Brown Rock Chat


Button Quail

IMG_3495 dss

Cattle Egret


Common Black Drongo

IMG_3229 dss

Common Iora Female


Common Tailor Bird

IMG_3573 dss

Coppersmith Barbet

IMG_8134 dss


IMG_8216 dss

Grey Bellied Cuckoo

IMG_8198 dss

Grey Francoline


Green Bee Eater




House Sparrow female

_MG_5761 DS Small

Indian Grey HornBill

IMG_3610 dss

Indian Robin Male

IMG_3213 dss
Indian Robin Female


Indian Silver Bill


Oriental Honey Buzzard Male

IMG_3404-1 dss

Pale Billed Flowerpecker

IMG_4658 dss



Pied Cuckoo


Plain Prinia

IMG_3285 dss

Plump Headed Parakeet Male

Plum-headed parakeet - Male

Plump Headed Parakeet female


Purple Sunbird Male


Purple Sunbird male in Eclipse plumage

IMG_3221 dss

Purple Rumped Sunbird Male

IMG_3032 dss

Red Rumped Swallow

Red-rumped swallow

Red Vented bulbul


Reed Warbler

IMG_3524-1 dss

Rosy Starlings

IMG_4678 dss

Rufous Treepie

_MG_5908 DS Small

Scaly Brested Munia


Shikra Female

Shikra (Accipiter badius)

Small Minvet Female

Small Minivet, female

Small Minvet Female

IMG_3688 dss

Warbler (Need accurate ID)

_MG_6328 DS Small

Warbler (Need accurate ID)

IMG_3486-2 dss

Warbler (Need accurate ID)

IMG_3806 dss

Warbler (Need accurate ID)

IMG_4172-1 ds

Warbler (Need accurate ID)

IMG_4125 dss

White Brested Kingfisher

_MG_5737 DS Small

White Browed Bulbul

IMG_3254-1 dss

White Naped Woodpecker

IMG_3379 dss

Yellow Billed Babler

_MG_5949 DS Small

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