Monday, July 6, 2015

Trip to North East India - Part 2 - Assam - Kaziranga national Park

From The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary we left for Kaziranga by road. We checked in a road side hotel near Kaziranga and took a safari the next morning.

A view of tea garden outside Kaziranga park.

_MG_1780 dss

Hog deer

_MG_2272 dss

Water buffalo

_MG_2263 dss

The big 2 of Kaziranga, Indian elephants and One horned Rihno

_MG_2133 dss


IMG_6063 dss

Elephant in the elephant grass

_MG_1850 dss

Swamp deer

_MG_1833 dss

Mother teaching calf on how to clean the weed before consuming

_MG_2139 dss

Heard of elephants with a Himalayan Griffon in the background

_MG_2092 dss

One horned Rihno

_MG_2004 dss

A turtle at unlikely place.

_MG_1968 dss

A pair of black necked storks

_MG_1981 dss

Himalayan griffon
_MG_2087 dss

Emerald dove

_MG_1866 dss

Fish eagle

_MG_1897 dss

Twany Eagle

_MG_1974 dss

Red jungle fowl female

_MG_1963 dss

Red jungle fowl male

_MG_2037 dss

Lesser adjulant stork

_MG_2331 dss

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