Sunday, July 5, 2015

Trip to North East India - Part 3 - Assam - Nameri national park

After completing the morning safari at Kaziranga, we checked out and took a bus to Tejpur. On reaching Tejpur we got the Permit for Arunachal Pradesh for next day. We checked out at local taxi stand and hired a taxi to drop us at Tenga valley Arunachal Pradesh with one day stop at Nameri.

Next day we reached Nameri early in the morning and then checked in for a day and then took the Morning safari. Safari was similar to the one at The Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, it was foot safari. Following are images from the safari.

Great Indian HornBill

_MG_2355 dss

Pied Starling

_MG_2349 dss

Red vented Bulbul

_MG_5044 dsss
Turtle dove

_MG_2440 dss
Black hooded bulbul

_MG_2454 dss
Emerald Dove

_MG_2485 dss

Rose Finch male

_MG_2488 dss

Chestnut Tailed Starling

_MG_2497 dss

_MG_2527 dss

_MG_2531 dss

Common Iora female

_MG_2553 dss

_MG_2596 dss

Jungle Myna

_MG_2612 dss

Blue throated Barbet

_MG_2622 dss

Yellow Crowned Woodpecker

_MG_2727 dss

Gold fronted Leaf bird

_MG_2750 dss

Dollar Bird

_MG_2846 dss

Red breasted Parakeet

_MG_2849 dss

We stayed at the Nameri camp over night and left for Tenga Valley early morning. Following are the Images from the brief stops on our way to Tenga.

_MG_2934 dss1

IMG_6076 - IMG_6085 dss

IMG_6153 - IMG_6159 dss

IMG_6219 dss

IMG_6274 dsss

Untitled dss

IMG_6204 dss

On the way we also managed to spot and capture few birds:
Black Bulbul

_MG_2945 dss2

Cuckoo Drongo

_MG_2950 dsss11

Crested serpent eagle

_MG_2979 dss11

Crested serpent eagle

_MG_2980-1 dss

Crested serpent eagle

_MG_2984 dsss

Need ID

_MG_2993 dsss1

Maroon Oriole

_MG_3092 dsss

Need ID for this Barbet

_MG_3107 dsss

Racket Tailed Drongo

_MG_3122 dss

Long tailed Sibia

_MG_3131 dsss

Need ID for this Leafbird

_MG_3155 dsss

Water Redstart female

_MG_3189 dsss

Plumbeous Verditer Flycatcher

_MG_3193 dsss

Plumbeous Water Redstart male

_MG_3205 dss

Bronzed Drongo

_MG_3225 dsss

Need ID

_MG_3228 dsss

Indian brown squirrel
_MG_3102 dsss
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