Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jamnagar - The Birders Paradise

This was the last trip while I was in Vadodara. Whitout this trip my stay in Vadodara would have been incomplete.

Absolutly amazing place and a must visit for the birders specially for the shorebirds. Crab Plover and Pied Avocet were in list of must click birds since a while. I was lucky enough to get good clear shots.

Following are the spotting from the trip.

Black tailed Godwit
  Black Tailed Godwit

Common Pochard female
  IMG_0084 dss

Common Pochard Male

IMG_0188 dss

Common Redshank
  Common Redshank

Crab Plover
  IMG_1586 dss

   IMG_0821 dss

Greater Sand Plover
   Greater Sand Plover

Grey Heron in flight
  Grey Heron

Lesser Sand Plover in flight
  Lesser Sand Plover

Lesser Sand Plover
   Lesser Sand Plover

Little Stint
  IMG_0853 dss

Mallard Male
   IMG_0012 dss

Northern Shoveler Male
   IMG_1217 dss

Northern Shoveler Male in flight
  IMG_2117 dss

Northern Shoveler Female in flight
  IMG_2190 dss

Pied Avocet
  IMG_1135 dss

Pied Avocet about to land
  IMG_1697 dss

Rudy Turnstone
  IMG_1959 dss

Slender Billed Gull
  IMG_0060 dss

Spot Billed Duck
  IMG_0124 dss

Tufted Duck Female
  Tuffted Duck male

Need ID (Type of Pipit)
  IMG_1352 dss

Western Reef Heron in white morph
  IMG_2004 dss


Need ID for this Crab
  IMG_1600 dss

Landscapes and Waterscapes

IMG_1347 dss
IMG_2069 dss

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