Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Birding from Balcony - at Vadodara

Birds that I have captured from the balcony of the apartment I lived for 2 years at Gotri, Vadodara

Ashy Prinia

Ashy Prinia

Bank Myna

_MG_4251 DS Small

Baya Weaver Male

_MG_9438 DS Small

Baya Weaver Female

_MG_9683 DS Small

Black Kite

_MG_0897 DS Small

Button Quail

Buttonquails (Turnix suscitator)

Cattle Egret

_MG_4316 DS Small

Common Babler

_MG_9737 DS Small

Common Black Drongo

IMG_8018 dss

Common Myna

_MG_3148 DS Small

Common Tailor Bird

_MG_9433 DS Small


_MG_0138DS Small

Green Bee Eater

_MG_2172 DS Small

Grey Francoline

IMG_9889 dss

House Sparrow Female

_MG_5761 DS Small

Indian Robin Female

_MG_4127 DS Small

Indian Silver bill

_MG_9622 DS Small

Jungle Prinia

Plain Prinia

Jungle Babler

_MG_3974 DS Small

Jungle Crow

_MG_0862 DS Small

Jungle Prinia

_MG_3907 DS Small

Large Grey Babler, Green Bee eater and, Purple rumped Sunbird

Large Grey Babler, Green Bee Eater, Olive Backed Sunbird

Laughing Dove

IMG_9813 dss

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Oriental Honey eye buzzard Male

IMG_8075-1 dss

Oriental Honey Eye buzzard Female


Oriental Honey Eye buzzard pair

_MG_0793 DS Small

Painted Stork

Painted Stork in flight

Pale Billed Flowerpecker

IMG_9193 dss

Pied Cuckoo

_MG_9398 DS Small


_MG_8540-1 dss

Purple Sunbird in Eclipse Plumage

Olive Backend Sunbird, eclipse morph

Red Rumped Swallow

_MG_7792 dss

Red Munia Female

Red Munia or Red Avadavat

Red Vented Bulbul

IMG_9742 dss

Red Watted Lapwing

Rew Watted Lapwing

Rock Brown Chat

_MG_2535 DS Small

Rock Dove/Pegion

IMG_9810-1 dss

Rose Ringed Parakeet female

_MG_3931 DS Small

Rosy Starling Juvenile

_MG_1376 DS Small

Rosy Starling

_MG_7810 dss

Scaly Brested Munia

_MG_7786-1 dss

Shikra Male


Shikra Female

Shikra female in flight

Small Blue Kingfisher

_MG_7782 DS Small

Spotted Dove with nesting material

_MG_5778 DS Small

Twany Bellied Babler

IMG_7931-1 dss

White Brested Kingfisher

_MG_9749 DS Small

Yellow Eyed Babler

_MG_3878 DS Small

Yellow Wattled lapwings

Yellow Wattled Lapwing

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